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Roundness Instrument Talyrond 130

Talyrond 130 for economical, high precision inspection of roundness and circular geometry. This compact but highly versatile instrument is the entry-level product in the range of roundness geometry products from Taylor Hobson.

Roundness Instrument Talyrond 130

A robust bench mounted shop floor roundness measurement system designed for fast accurate measurement in the high volume production environment. This system utilises an air bearing spindle with manual centre and levelling capability.

Fitted with a Talymin 5 gauge and manually operated radial arm the Talyrond 130 can measure to nanometers level while allowing load capacities up to 20kg making it ideal for small to medium roundness production. Powered by Taylor Hobson's Ultra software an optional simplified user interface can be provided helping to reduce operator error by intuitive and interactive programmed steps.

Data collection and analysis is driven by simple user-friendly software and operator interaction with the manual table and gauge controls. The heart of the product is a super precision air-bearing spindle, produced on Taylor Hobson's own diamond turning machines.

  • cost effective roundness precision measurement
  • super high precision air bearing spindle and high resolution gauging
  • fast - easy to set up and operate. Ideal for workshop
  • interactive programming for batch measurement


  • High precision air bearing spindle with roundness accuracies to +/- 0.02um
  • Talymin 5 gauge mechanism with 2mm range
  • Fast manual centre and level capabilty
  • Windows based Ultra roundness software with measurement capability to national and international standards