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Portable Measuring Arm ROMER Absolute Arm

ROMER Absolute Arm - Portable Measuring Arm from Hexagon Metrology - probing. The ROMER Absolute Arm stands for maximum portability in industrial metrology.

Portable Measuring Arm ROMER Absolute Arm

The ROMER Absolute Arm features absolute encoders and is therefore the first measuring arm which does not require referencing before measurement. When the arm is turned on, it’s ready to measure.

This model is designed for probing inspection, however the arm may be upgraded at any time to a scanning system.

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The ROMER Absolute Arm is an universal metrology tool for 3D measurement, characterized by mobility, stability, light weight and a range of high-performance laser scanners. 

A portable measuring arm is an investment. The time required to train users is reduced – even unpracticed personnel will produce reliable measuring results in a short time.

Inspection and control throughput is increased dramatically, and because the ROMER Absolute Arm helps to ensure quality, there is a fast return on investment.

With ROMER Absolute Arm increase productivity and minimise off-spec production – in the long term and with absolute efficiency.

Features & Benefits

ROMER Feature Packs

ROMER Feature Packs unfold the full potential of a portable measuring arm. These optional feature packs utilise the ROMER Feature Pack Port interface. All extensions are perfectly coordinated with the ROMER Absolute Arm and are part of an integrated system.
The ROMER Mobility Pack includes a battery and WiFi communication – maximum flexibility for the ROMER Absolute Arm.
The ROMER Scanning Pack is the interface for laser scanners. They connect directly to the arm.
Feature packs are thermally and mechanically stable, easy to exchange for the user and open for new technologies and additional accessories.

ROMER Feature Pack Port for data communication

The ROMER Absolute Arm has a specific standard for data communication. If required, with the ROMER Feature Pack Port interface, the Absolute Arm can be used as a fully wireless CMM.

RDS – the ROMER tool for software integration

RDS is the virtual image of a ROMER measuring arm. This software with its intuitive operation facilitates probe calibration and includes a diagnosis function for checking the measuring accuracy of the arm in compliance with international standards.

ROMER ergonomics - accuracy made easy

Carbon fibre structure. Absolute operational safety with SpinGrip and a handle with incorporated mouse function. Illumination of the part and an integrated digital camera are available upon request. Overall weight only 7.7 kg/17 lbs (2.5 m/8.2 ft. arm). The ROMER Absolute Arm is an all-round balanced measuring instrument. Its operation is a matter of routine after only a few hours, even in locations where traditional CMMs would never perform.

Infinite Rotation

ROMER’s patented infinite rotation of the principal axes allows a comfortable inspection of hard-to-reach areas.

Integrated Zero-G counterbalance

An optimized counterbalance reduces operator fatigue and delivers effortless control in all positions, including above and below the centreline.

Technical Data

  Model Measuring Range Point Repeatability Volumetric Accuracy Arm weight
Seria 73 7320 2.0 m +/- 0.030 mm +/- 0.042 mm 7.4 kg
Seria 73 7325 2.5 m +/- 0.038 mm +/- 0.051 mm 7.7 kg
Seria 73 7330 3.0 m +/- 0.059 mm +/- 0.075 mm 8.0 kg
Seria 73 7335 3.5 m +/- 0.079 mm +/- 0.100 mm 8.3 kg
Seria 73 7340 4.0 m +/- 0.099 mm +/- 0.125 mm 8.6 kg
Seria 73 7345 4.5 m +/- 0.120 mm +/- 0.150 mm 8.9 kg
Seria 75 7520 2.0 m +/- 0.016 mm +/- 0.023 mm 7.7 kg
Seria 75 7525 2.5 m +/- 0.020 mm +/- 0.029 mm 8.0 kg
Seria 75 7530 3.0 m +/- 0.030 mm +/- 0.044 mm 8.3 kg
Seria 75 7535 3.5 m +/- 0.040 mm +/- 0.057 mm 8.6 kg
Seria 75 7540 4.0 m +/- 0.055 mm +/- 0.069 mm 8.9 kg
Seria 75 7545 4.5 m +/- 0.070 mm  +/- 0.082 mm 9.2 kg