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3D Scanning Solutions Workshop

3D Scanning Solutions using the new HP-L laser scanning probe - the high-end scanning solution for any kind of high accuracy applications even on challenging surface types.

3D Scanning Solutions Workshop

Workshop - 3D Scanning Solutions, Tuesday 29.07.2014, 09:30 - 16:30

Where? Bucharest, MICRO-TOP Precision Center - Location and contact details

3D Scanning Solutions - Workshop Agenda

09:30 Welcome participants

10:00 Introduction 3D Scanning Solutions - Workshop

10:15 Presentation and LIVE Demo Hexagon Metrology HP-L: Feature inspection to CAD; Free form surface inspection to CAD; Reverse engineering; Autofeatures;Color maps

12:00 Lunch break

13:00 Live Applications

Station 1: CMM DEA Global Silver – HP-L laser scanning sensor

Station 2: ROMER Absolute Arm 7325SI

15:30 Wrap-up, Q&A

Workshop attendance is free of charge

Thank you for your attendance. For details please contact us.


E-mail: microtop@microtop.ro

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